“The longest journey is the journey inward. “

Dag Hammarskjold

Are you living your life unfulfilled and not achieving your dreams?


Are you working a job that doesn’t take advantage of your skills or challenge you to grow? or


Are you struggling with finding value in yourself and self love?

It means to become aware of your TRUE self to ultimately live out your Truth

Discovering Your Truth means to become aware of your TRUE self.

Digging deep inwardly and having the courage to embrace all aspects of who you are.

Our self paced course will help you embrace change, accept who you are, and have the courage to present your TRUE self to the world!

The course takes you through 7 lessons to help give you clarity on your TRUTH:

Lesson 1: Who are you?; Lesson 2: Decide what matter to you the most; Lesson 3: Power of the Tongue; Lesson 4: Turning your I can’t into I CAN; Lesson 5: Preparation is key and change is inevitable; Lesson 6: How strong is your foundation?; Lesson 7: The Purge

Wait! Have we mentioned that our course includes a workbook, worksheets, assignments, and audios?!

Not only that you’ll have LIFETIME access and Revisit, Refresh, and Restart as needed!

Your investment is only $197.00!

The first lesson brought me to tears because it gave the answer I’ve been praying and meditation on for some time. The course is very easy to understand, well written, and in my opinion better than Steve Harvey’s book “Act Like a Success”. I love the audios as well because they really helped with the lessons. Beyon O.

I’m blown away by this course sis! It’s so soulful and thoughtful. You really put yourself out there by making your life an example of life lessons. I like the fact that you did an audio piece to go with each chapter. It gives an extra reference on how to get the most out of each particular chapter. I also like the energy in the audio chapters. It’s upbeat and honest. Rose H.

Through this course I was able to open up to things that were hidden that I didn’t want to deal with. Having LaKitia as my coach while working through this course is one of the best investments I have made. She is an amazing coach. Through her co-active coaching skills, and just listening to my dilemmas she has been able to effectively help me navigate through the roadblocks that I have been experiencing. LaWanna R.


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